Why Bourbon-n-Blockchain Services?

Decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain protocols are typically created with proof of work or proof of stake structures utilizing consensus mechanisms for processing transactions and creating new blocks in a blockchain. A consensus mechanism is a method for validating entries into a distributed database and keeping the database secure. These mechanisms have been identified as integral support structures of blockchain technology. Proof of stake blockchains require the assistance of forward looking, long term participants of the protocol to create and maintain these consensus mechanisms in order to ensure everything works better, faster, and more efficiently.
Most people who want to see the cryptocurrency sector as a whole continue to be successful will typically aim to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem. In many examples, it is too expensive, too confusing, or too difficult to participate for the average crypto user. Oftentimes, running a validator node for example is expensive, requires very expensive hardware equipment or the rental of a Virtual Private Server (VPS), requires technical knowhow, requires some coding, and time dedicated to ensuring that everything is operating properly and has maximum connectivity to the blockchain.
By joining a club such as BnBS that is dedicated to the improvement of these integral support structures, an individual can contribute to a larger, more suitable, and more diverse impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Contributing to the BnBS protocol will provide Club Members exposure to support several blockchain technologies by simply purchasing the BnBS NFT. BnBS Club Members will have all of the benefits of supporting critical blockchain infrastructure without the responsibilities that typically accompany the process.