What Services does BnBS Provide?

BnBS provides two services to its Club Members: 1.) BnBS establishes and maintains an NFT As a Service Protocol Club intended to create and maintain Blockchain technology assets dedicated to strengthening Blockchain technology. BnBS is responsible for operating and maintaining their own enterprise grade servers as well as Blockchain Validator Nodes and other integral support structures for the BnBS project and community. 2.) BnBS establishes, operates and maintains a community centric Discord, website, NFT minting page, DAPP (Decentralized Application), treasury, and NFTs. These operations are further described as BnBS Products & Services which are created for BnBS Club Members. The BnBS Executive Team will attempt to secure the protocol by using currently available security measures for the project as well as provide communication and updates to the community. These Products & Services are required for Club Members to stay up to date on the project, participate in community voting and collect monthly rewards. BnBS provides a service to the Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Community: BnBS will be operating and maintaining essential Blockchain technology assets, critical cryptocurrency infrastructure, and alternate forms of Blockchain services. More specifically, BnBS will be strengthening cryptocurrency infrastructure through Blockchain Validator Nodes, Masternodes, Blockchain Nodes, lending protocols, staking pools et al. BnBS will manage these services so they remain accessible, operational, and reliable in order to successfully support the underlying Blockchain protocol.