What are Club Member Rewards?

The term “Club Members” as defined by BnBS: BnBS Club Members are defined as BnBS NFT Holders who have access to BnBS Products & Services and who satisfy the monthly service fee requirement.
The term “Rewards” as defined by BnBS: Rewards are defined as a collection of cryptocurrency “compensations”, “profits” or “premiums” that are collected as native tokens from BnBS supporting/hosting various Blockchain technologies.
This collection will be converted into a single, common cryptocurrency stable coin and distributed to BnBS Club Members based on the BnBS protocol guidelines.
There are no complicated models or theatrics to explain the source of the rewards. All rewards related to BnBS are provided by network compensations from each individual Blockchain project. These rewards are simple to identify and source based on the transparency of the BnBS protocol dynamics and Blockchain technology.
It shall be noted that BnBS does not control the amount of network compensations that are provided to BnBS or Club Members. BnBS can only control the reward disbursement methods listed in this Executive Summary. The amount of network compensations collected by BnBS are determined by the various assets held by BnBS. Typically, these compensations are expressly set and provided by the Blockchain project or protocol. The value of compensations are influenced by the condition of the overall cryptocurrency market and its overreaching effects on the underlying assets/projects and other various circumstances that are not controlled or influenced by BnBS.