All transactions and wallet addresses will be documented and presented to Club Members for review. These details will be posted on the BnBS website. The BnBS Executive Team will update and maintain these wallets and information. Club Members will be able to view and audit all project wallets, balances, collected rewards, assets and transfers. BnBS will strive to be absolutely transparent in all aspects of the project and attempt to exceed user expectations. More information regarding transparency will be provided as the protocol continues to develop.
The Executive Team is taking the necessary steps to be transparent as well. Mr. Maverick is fully doxed and Grant Matik has completed 3rd party KYC through Assure DEFI.​

Bourbon-n-Blockchain LLC

BnBS is officially registered as a recognized Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) operating with a certified Foreign Investment Business License out of the Republic of the Marshall Islands! We will continue to work with our attorneys in order to operate and maintain compliance.
Examples of how the NFTs are created: