Reward Disbursements

How will the rewards be utlized?
After each month, the BnBS Executive Team will collect all of the network compensations that were generated by the various Blockchain assets. A snapshot will be taken to determine the wallet address of each Club Member via the BnBS application. The team will disperse these rewards to the protocol and Club Members as follows:
BnBS Club Member Rewards: 50% of the rewards will be distributed equally to the BnBS Club Members. The sum of the total accumulated network compensations set aside as BnBS Club Member Rewards will be provided to Club Members by means of the BnBS application.
Reinvestment Treasury: 45% of the network compensations will be re-contributed into existing or predetermined assets as identified by the BnBS Executive Team. In some cases, the community will have the opportunity to influence these decisions by participating in community led voting. The goal is to consistently grow the size and scale of the BnBS protocol with support of the community.
Protocol Maintenance: 5% of the rewards will be budgeted to the BnBS Executive Team to maintain the protocol. Monthly Protocol Maintenance Breakdown: Continued purchases of physical equipment and computer hardware to run/support various assets Power and internet costs for computer related hardware Continued purchases of cryptocurrency hardware wallets and steel cyphers for each individual asset Team member compensation for operating and maintaining the BnBS Discord, website, DAPP, treasury, community voting system and other project support functions.
NOTE* The BnBS Club Member Rewards and Reinvestment Treasury are subject to change based on cryptocurrency market dynamics. In the event that the BnBS community decides that adjustments are reasonable, the percentages are subject to change. The BnBS Club Member Rewards will not fall below 50% and the Reinvestment Treasury will not fall below 20%. This allows the protocol to remain flexible. This also allows members to take advantage of the bull market in order to take profits, and focus on reinvestment during a bear market.