More NFT Details

Participation: Club Members will be required to pay a monthly service fee in order to claim rewards from the smart contract via interaction with the BnBS application. Club Members are not required to participate in voting to be eligible for rewards. Club Members that fail to pay the service fee will not continue to earn rewards. Failure to pay the service fee for three (3) consecutive months will forfeit unclaimed rewards back to the protocol as 50% Club Member Rewards, 30% Reinvestment Treasury, and 20% Protocol Maintenance (subject to change). Club Members that fail to pay the service fee will not earn rewards until the service fee is paid and rewards are claimed. BnBS will not refund rewards that are not claimed during the claiming period. Monthly Rewards : Monthly rewards will be evenly distributed to each BnBS NFT. Network compensations will be collected from BnBS assets monthly. Rewards will be claimed through the BnBS application. NFTs that are subject to aftermarket sales will not transfer unclaimed rewards. These rewards will be deposited into the Reinvestment Treasury and Protocol Maintenance. BnBS NFT Buyback: BnBS will have the option to conduct buyback services for NFT holders/Club Members. BnBS will offer to buy back NFTs at the current market floor price, up to the minting price of ($525.00) for Club Members that wish to exit the protocol. The amount of NFT buybacks will be decided by Club Members' votes and managed by the BnBS Executive Team. Buyback funds will utilize the reinvestment treasury. The buyback transaction will be subject to aftermarket NFT sale royalties of 10% outlined in the aftermarket sales section. Buyback NFTs will be removed from the BnBS protocol and will not continue to earn BnBS Club Member Rewards. BnBS NFT Buyback services will not take place until after the project has minted out. BnBS NFT Buyback services are not guaranteed, and may not be conducted on a specific schedule. BnBS Club Members can sell or transfer their NFT at any time. There is no expectation of commitment to BnBS.