How does it work?

Treasury Contribution Summary:
BnBS will be contributing treasury assets to various essential Blockchain platforms, critical cryptocurrency infrastructure, and alternate forms of Blockchain services. More specifically, BnBS will be strengthening cryptocurrency infrastructure such as Blockchain Validator Nodes, Masternodes, Blockchain Nodes, lending protocols, and staking pools. When possible, BnBS will host and operate these Validator Nodes on their own enterprise server hardware eliminating the middleman. BnBS Executive Team members will be evaluating the cryptocurrency market in order to make conservative and educated contribution decisions. The team will evaluate risk, the overall impact on Blockchain technology, and the potential profitability of a given asset prior to commitment. The term “Asset” as defined by BnBS: A single or set of network supporting Blockchain technology such as Nodes, Validator Nodes, Masternodes, Lending Protocols and Staking Pools that support and/or enhance critical cryptocurrency infrastructure and alternate forms of Blockchain services. The term Asset also includes BnBS treasury holdings such as individual cryptocurrency tokens to enhance, provide functionality, or play a vital role in the support of a Blockchain protocol. BnBS will attempt to participate in established, leading Blockchains in an effort to safeguard assets and increase the likelihood of consistent rewards.
Contributing to various essential Blockchain platforms and critical cryptocurrency infrastructure will be rewarded in the form of native tokens provided by each protocol. The accumulated rewards from these essential Blockchain services will be provided to participants in return for their contribution to BnBS NFT as a Service Protocol Club.