BnBS Protocol Security

The BnBS Executive Team will prioritize and heavily focus on project security in all aspects of the protocol.
Hardware Security:
It is the intention for the BnBS Executive Team to secure each wallet utilized to hold funds and/or cryptocurrencies with a hardware wallet. Each hardware wallet seed phrase will be backed up on metal cypher wallets for maximum security. Seed phrases will be stored at an undisclosed secure location. Each hardware wallet address will be publicly identified for the BnBS community to monitor.
Other Hardware and Software Security:
The BnBS Executive Team will utilize additional hardware and software security options such as the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology and our own enterprise grade server technology. BnBS becomes less reliant and more decentralized by owning and operating our own severs. The BnBS team will constantly evaluate its security strategies and adjust based on available technology and strategies.
The BnBS protocol will seek to establish insurance to further secure the project.
Legal support:
The BnBS protocol will retain legal support to help with legal advice and other issues that may arise in the future.