BnBS NFT Details

BnBS will be creating a total of 10,000 NFTs for Club Members. An initial protocol funding involving 300 NFTs will be reserved during the bootstrapping round. (This round is fulfilled and closed) The remaining 9,700 NFTs will be sold at a minting price of $425.00-$525.00 per NFT. There will be 4 phases of minting (see NFT Minting Details for more information). There will never be more than 10,000 BnBS NFTs. Here are some NFT highlights:
NFT Equity: There are no reward tiers, all NFTs will receive the same amount of rewards. NFT Rarity: There will be no additional funding or NFTs added to the protocol once minting has completed. BnBS NFTs will have various attributes that make each NFT visually unique within the boundaries of the smart contract. Service Fee: BnBS is a Service Protocol Club with a nominal service fee of $1.00 a month per NFT to keep the NFT active and earning rewards. Rewards will be held on the BnBS application within the BnBS Club Member Rewards treasury and available for Club Members to claim. BnBS Club Members will be required to pay a Polygon transaction fee when claiming rewards.
Each Club Member will be required to pay a monthly $1.00 service fee per NFT. These fees will be required to claim rewards from the smart contract and satisfy BnBS Club Membership requirements.
The service fee is required upon collection of rewards. An option to prepay rewards will be available to Club Members. The service fee is utilized for protocol maintenance and does not go to the BnBS team as compensation. In the event there are excessive maintenance fees, the fees can be distributed to the Reinvestment Treasury and Protocol Maintenance.