Aftermarket BnBS NFT Sales

How BnBS will manage aftermarket sales
The BnBS NFT collection will be officially listed on for safe aftermarket sales. All BnBS NFTs that are relisted and sold on the open market will be subject to a 10% royalty fee based on sale value. This royalty will be distributed to the protocol as follows: 50% of the royalty fee will be committed to the BnBS Reinvestment Treasury. NFT sales will benefit current BnBS Club Members. These funds will help the protocol earn additional rewards. 50% will go to the BnBS Executive Team. These funds will be utilized to maintain the protocol, maintain BnBS Products & Services, prepare for future protocol expansion (purchasing hardware/software equipment), and to support the the team members who are operating the BnBS Products & Services. NOTE* BnBS is not responsible for lost, stolen or missing NFTs. The team will do everything they can to support users, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the NFT holder/Club Member to ensure the safety and security of the NFT.