Welcome to Bourbon-n-Blockchain Services (BnBS)

This documentation is designed to provide a comprehensive summary of the Bourbon-n-Blockchain Services protocol, its Products & Services and its features
Tip: If you have any questions please visit the BnBS Discord for real time assistance here: https://discord.gg/EcbwupynSR​
Executive Summary: Bourbon-n-Blockchain Services (BnBS), the premier NFT As A Service Protocol Club, intends to create and maintain an NFT asset protocol that is dedicated to strengthening Blockchain technology. This will be accomplished by operating and maintaining Blockchain Validator Nodes and other integral support structures in the interest of contributing to the greater good of the cryptocurrency ecosystem while increasing overall reliability and functionality.
The ambition of the project is to provide BnBS NFT holders/Club Members a monthly distribution of accumulated rewards from various Blockchain Validator Nodes along with other integral support structures. By maintaining and operating Validator Nodes and participating with other diverse assets, the BnBS protocol is engaging in essential services that support critical cryptocurrency infrastructure. These actions are oftentimes rewarded in the form of native tokens provided by the protocol. The accumulated rewards from these essential Blockchain services will be provided to participants in return for their contribution to BnBS NFT as a Service Protocol Club.
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